On-Going Classes

Strong and Steady: Heartfelt Yoga for All Bodies

Strong and Steady Yoga (taught in 3 forms: gentle mat, chair-to-mat, and a more vigorous intermediate practice) is an intelligent, energizing and joyful practice aligning movement and breath! We build strength and steadiness through movement that:

  • tones the body
  • frees up joints, breath and energy
  • creates passages to release stuck emotions and obsessive thoughts
  • brings more clarity to the mind
  • open the heart to engage courageously with the world around us!

Esther teaches year-round at a number of different locations in the Philadelphia area, mostly in office and business settings. Her classes open to the public are in Center City and Chestnut Hill and are described in the tabs of this section.

Overall, Esther’s classes are taught in the tradition of Kripalu Yoga. This style of yoga is known for being intelligent, relaxing, and transformative — as well as adaptive to different levels of flexibility, strength, and physical conditions. Information about the Kripalu Yoga tradition can be found at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, located in Lennox, Western Massachusetts kripalu.org

Embedded in all of Esther’s programs are opportunities for deep stress relief, for unfolding self-awareness, and for supporting behavior change designed for participants in the thick of challenging work and difficult life transitions. Please contact Esther at esther@whiteflameyoga.com or 215.305.7759 if you would like information about Esther’s talks, mindfulness at the workplace program, and retreats.