Private Sessions

Private yoga sessions are a great support when you are seeking to develop a particular aspect of yoga or you have to contend with a complicated schedule. Private sessions also help you navigate through a difficult period, for example before and after medical treatment or a surgical procedure. Movements and breath awareness practices are tailored to you, which helps maximize the benefits of yoga.


Privates help you:

  • develop life-affirming strategies for overall release of long-held tension
  • provide ongoing support for a chronic health condition
  • stretch and strengthen a particular area of the body
  • deepen your experience with breath awareness and meditation


What a session looks like:

I typically come to your house (this allows us to identify a good space in your home for you to practice between sessions). Our first session is 75 minutes long and includes some diagnostics to get us started. I develop a sequence customized to YOUR current needs — we warm up the body with slow targeted movements, build up to a posture appropriate for you, and conclude with release and relaxation. For additional support and reference, I will send you a summary of our posture sequence after our time together. And if desired, I can send you a sequence to practice between sessions.


Setting up your session:

Contact me at: or 215.305.7759 to set up our first session.

At that time, I can also respond to any questions you have.